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Portable Milking Machines

Product Image Stainless Steel Manifold for Vacuum Pump (Customizable) - Affordable Milkers LLC
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Stainless Steel Manifold for Vacuum Pump (Customizable)

$ 105.00

If you already have your milking bucket and your vacuum pump but you're still scratching your head about how you are going to connect the two, well here is just what you need.

Made up of quality 316 Stainless Steel parts, this is sure to last the lifetime of your milking machine.

This assembly is set-up to fit any pump with a 3/8" inlet* 

It comes with the following:

7 ft tubing to connect your vacuum pump to your milking bucket.
Vacuum Gauge ( Dry or Oil-Filled, Select from Dropdown)
Vacuum Relief Valve to Regulate Vacuum 
Stainless Steel Manifold

Fits perfectly with one of the milking buckets I offer here. 


*This manifold can be customized to fit your vacuum pump. Contact me for more info.