Payment Options

Affordable Milkers offers many payment options to allow you to purchase your milker, no matter what source of fund you use. I accept many common forms of payment and also a few that are a little uncommon.

Credit or Debit Card - The easiest payment option, just select to pay with credit at checkout.

PayPal - The king of internet payment options. Ubiquitous and offers protection to you, the buyer, in case anything may go wrong. All you need to checkout, is your PayPal login information. 

BitCoin - For digital prospectors who are moving their funds to a universal digital currency, there is BitCoin. I accept BitCoin through BitPay. If you'd like to pay with BitCoin, select the BitPay option at checkout.

Silver Boullion - So you've been stacking for years and you are just itching to spend it but no one will take it in exchange for goods. Well, you're in luck. If you'd like to pay using Silver Boullion, select the Silver Boullion option at checkout. Only .999 pure Silver will be accepted as payment, preferably in denominations of 1Troy Ounce. No "junk silver" will be accepted. Silver must be clearly labeled with purity. The purchase price will be Spot for product on day of order.  In most cases, because of the limited type of Silver denominations available, the buyer may receive a discount due to rounding down in whole Silver ounces versus the cost in US currency. Details will be discussed after order is placed.

Money Order - If you're old fashioned and like to deal with cold hard cash, there's always the Money Order. To pay by Money Order, just select the Money Order option at checkout. Address to send Money Order can be found on the "Contact Us" page. The Money Order must be received before your order will ship.

NEW! Layaway - Now you can pay for your milker in installments. Milker will only ship when the final payment has been made. Currently there is only a 4 month option for layaway. Payments will be deducted automatially each month after the first payment is made. Your milker will ship immediately after the last payment is paid. Only available for Complete Milkers with Pump. Visit the Layaway page to pay by Layaway. 


Contact me for any questions regarding payment or my products.