Do you sell different sizes of inflations and shells?

Yes, for Goats and Sheep. No, for Cows. The goat and sheep sizes can be selected before adding the product to your cart. The Cow milking machines, only have one size. 


Will these shells and inflations fit dwarf goats and sheep? 

The inflations and shells that come standard will work well for small-teated animals but you can switch them out for smaller inflations and shells if you find they are not optimal for your animal. 


How much do the buckets hold?

The large buckets hold approximately 6 gallons.  The mini buckets hold approximately 2 gallons. 


Do you have balance/vacuum tanks?

I don't currently offer them but I may have them in the future. 


Do I need a balance/vacuum tank? 

Although they are not a necessity to run the milking milking machine, balance tanks are recommended because they keep liquid from getting into your vacuum pump, extending its life, and they also stabilize the vacuum level in the system. 


Do you sell spare parts?

Occasionally I do have extra parts and thesemay be for sale but as of right now, I only sell complete set-ups. if you are looking for something specific, please don't hesitate to ask. 


Do you ship to Canada? 

Yes but shipping to Canada can be up to an additional $300 on top of the price of the milking machine due to international shipping costs and fees from customs and duties.