Competitor Prices

Here at Affordable Milkers we sell…Affordable Milkers but what does affordable mean in this context? Milking machines are generally expensive items. Certainly some comparisons to other milking machines are in order, so that one can see the value and affordability that these milkers offer. Most anyone looking to spend a large sum of money does quite a bit of comparison shopping before they put their hard-earned money down to make that purchase. I know that because I have done it myself. It takes a lot of time and it can be confusing, so I’ve saved you the trouble by listing pretty much every US-based supplier of milking machines and the milking machine that they offer that is comparable to the one we offer on this site.


Capralite – Single Milker with 6 gallon pail - $1683

Perry’s Milkers – DP120 Milker - Single cow or single goat setup with Stainless Bucket - $1150

Hamby Dairy Supply - 1 Goat Portable Bucket Milker Complete - $1599

Caprine Supply - System One Vacuum Source for Portable Milking Machine($1145) + One Goat Bucket Assembly($425) - $1570

Parts Dept Online – Complete Bucket for One Goat ($400) + Portable Vacuum Pump($1295) -  $1695

Bobwhite Systems – Complete Goat Milking System - $1945