About Us

Affordable Milkers is a business I began in February 2014 to allow people to have access to affordable portable vacuum milkers. I have been milking goats and sheep for 5 years now. After my first year, I needed a vacuum milker but I could not find one for a reasonable price. I went the diy milking machine route and built my own surge milker but surge milkers can be very cumbersome. I bought a DeLaval style milker and found it to be much more convenient to use and transport. After some research I found that I could offer these to people, as complete milkers, for much lower than many of the dairy equipment suppliers out there.

I started this business to allow people access to reasonably price portable vacuum milking machines. If you are visiting this site, you’ve probably done a lot of research on milkers and maybe you’ve found that they are way out of your budget. If not, see my page on Competitor's Prices. Many milkers cost upwards of $1500 and that doesn't always include shipping or tax. Many people looking for a portable milker, are only looking to milk a few animals and they cannot justify such a high cost for the convenience of using a vacuum style milker. So many people opt for hand pump milkers like Maddigan’s Milker or The Udderly EZ Milker. These are less expensive but they still require hand pumping so are not useful for those who want to avoid using their hands and the constant vacuum they produce is not good for your animal's teats. People with arthritis or those who have many small-teated sheep or goats which are difficult to milk and can cause cramps especially when milking twice a day for months. These affordable milkers, allow people to have a vacuum milker without breaking the bank. By coupling one of these milking buckets with an inexpensive 6 cfm vacuum pump, one could have their own milker for under $600 or purchase a complete milking machine starting at $950. All parts are brand new except for the used pumps. I’ve done my research and it is difficult to find a milker with all new parts at such a low cost, so I hope you will consider ordering one of these milkers today.