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Portable Milking Machines

Product Image InterPuls Portable EcoMilker for One Cow - Affordable Milkers LLC
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InterPuls Portable EcoMilker for One Cow

$ 1,875.00 $ 1,980.00

This InterPuls Eco-Milker Portable Bucket Milker comes complete with everything you need to milk. 

Included are:

- One Eco-Milker seamless poly bucket,

- Libero milking lid,

- InterPuls 2 Port L02 Pulsator 60:40,

- Vacuum gauge,

- Vacuum regulator,

- 1/2 HP 110VAC 60hz oil vacuum pump (6 CFM)

- One Cow Cluster: Milking Cluster includes Interpuls Orbiter Stainless Steel Milking Claw, Rubber Inflations, Stainless Steel Shells, Air Tubes, Hose Ring, Hose Clip, 3 ft. of 5/8" ID Clear Milker Tubing and 3 ft. of ¼" ID Black Vacuum Tubing.

- All required milking and vacuum tubing.

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InterPuls EcoMilker User Manual