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Portable Milking Machines

Product Image Grade A Complete Goat/Sheep Milking Bucket or Milking Machine - Affordable Milkers LLC
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Grade A Complete Goat/Sheep Milking Bucket or Milking Machine

$ 540.00

This Grade A Compliant Complete Milking Bucket or Milking Machine comes with the following:


-14L/3.5 or 30L/ 6.5 Gallon Stainless Steel bucket Made of 304 grade Stainless Steel
-Dual Port Lid with Rubber Gasket for milking one to two animals at a time. 
-60/40 ( for goats) or 50/50 (for sheep or goats) Speed Adjustable Two-Port InterPuls Brand Pulsator
-2 Clear plastic shells with  food-safe silicone inflations for Goats,Sheep or Nigerian Dwarf per cluster.
-ITP205 InterPuls brand valves connected to inflations. 
-Food safe silicone tubing for all milk lines ( 5 ft total length per cluster)
-Clear Ag-47 antimicrobial tubing for all air lines ( 5-6ft total length per cluster)
-Grade A Milking setup come with Y connections for milk and air lines instead of a claw to minimize places where bacteria can grow. Please inquire if you'd like to add claws to your set-up. 
-Bucket and lid configuration may vary depending on availability. 

Use the Dropdown to the right to select options for this setup. If you choose a setup that comes with the Gast Pump, it includes:


- Stainless Steel Manifold to connect Vaccum Pump which includes:
  • Vacuum gauge 
  • Simple vacuum regulator 
  • barb to attach hose
  • 6 ft vacuum tubing to connect lid to vacuum pump. 
-NEW 3/4 HP Gast 1023 Vacuum Pump (10 CFM), comes with 1 year warranty from manufacturer. 
-Nylon harness to make handling pump easier (Harness color may vary)
-6ft black extension cord with on/off switch 
Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery. 
Layaway available, click here for more information. 
*Price Includes tax and shipping within the Continental US. Buyers from Alaska, Hawaii and Canada, please inquire about shipping quotes before placing an order. 
Pump and bucket will arrive in two boxes and may not both arrive on the same day.
This milking machine is occasionally backordered. If listing says "Sold Out", you can Contact me to be placed on a wait list.