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Product Image Clear Vacuum Tank - Affordable Milkers LLC
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Clear Vacuum Tank

$ 75.00

Protect your Vacuum Pump from milk spills or excess moisture with this Vacuum Tank. Also called a Balance Tank or Moisture Trap, this Tank will be installed between your Vacuum Pump and your Milk bucket.


- Made with Clear PVC so you see when it is time to clean. 

- Easy to disassemble for cleaning.

- Helps to stabilize your vacuum level.

- Versatile, Connect your manifold directly to the tank with the proper accessories. Install vertically or Horizontally*

Price includes shipping, handling and any applicable taxes. 

No hardware is included for mounting the vacuum tank. 

This vacuum tank does not come with steel manifold. 

*Note: Ideally this Vacuum Tank should be installed vertically with the vacuum hose from the bucket connecting to the lower hose barb and the vacuum tube to the pump connecting to the vacuum pump. This is so that if a large volume of milk enters, it will be captured in the lower portion of the tank giving you more time to turn the pump off. It can be installed horizontally if this is what your setup allows. A horizontal configuration is better than nothing at all.